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Brisbane North Termite Treatments

Brisbane North Termite Treatments

Brisbane North Termite Treatments

Sunshine Pest Management offer the BEST Brisbane North Termite Treatments & Barriers

What happens when you have termites in your home?

Give Steve a call on 0410 093 712 to arrange an inspection. We will provide a prompt and full termite inspection of the property to determine the extent of your infestation. At the first sign of termites or their damage, do not spray or disturb them or their nest. This will cause them to retreat into the ground or your gardens making future locating and termite treatments more difficult.

After you accept our termite treatment quote, we will then dust activity and nest areas with Termidor dust (not arsenic). A follow-up inspection will be conducted 7 to 14 days after treatment. Once termite activity has ceased, we will arrange a day to install a perimeter treatment (termite barrier). This requires us drilling 10mm holes every 20cm around your property, and injecting 2 litres of pesticide in every hole. We then seal these holes.  Soil areas will be trenched to 8cm below the top of the footings, then these trenches are flooded and back-filled then soil sprayed again. Termite Treatments may vary according to building type. Payment is not required until the job is complete, remember.

Brisbane North Termite Treatments & Termite Barriers

Termite Treatments don’t have to cost the earth and can save you a lot of expense and stress in the future. We offer Termite Treatments Brisbane North.