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Pest Control Morayfield

Whether it\’s ants, cockroaches, spiders or termites, Sunshine Pest Management offers the chemical defence when dealing with vermin. They are the experienced Pest Control Morayfield company that knows the area and what plagues homes and office. Their holistic pest management approach means that not only do they spray for what you have but what you may have in the future. It’s a homeowner pest management dream. No more scurrying in the roof, no more last night cockroach encounters. A clean home and a pest-free environment for your family.


Sunshine Pest Management can find where your ant problem extends from. They stop ants in their tracks by using the “Trace-Back” method. They also have a keen knowledge of ant behaviour which allows them to exterminate them. Thanks to Sunshine Pest Management your home will be rid this 6-legged creature out of your life.


It’s the practice of Sunshine Pest Management to holistically exterminate and banish cockroaches from your house. They identify the entry points of these disgusting creatures and create a barrier that is family-friendly and pet-safe. Sunshine Pest Management is the best in the business with clients thanking them for doing themselves out of a job.


Termites eat their way through your homes wood. They love the taste of your main wood structure which in turn weakens a home’s overall structure. It’s important that new homeowners and old hats get their property check for termites. If you have a termite problem without treatment, you can treat the cause, or leave it. Leaving these pests to eat your home may result in unneeded renovations or at worst, a complete rebuild. So do the best thing for your investment, get the termite specialists to rid your home of termites.


Contact Sunshine Pest Management today and get these uninvited house guests out of your home for good.

General Pest Control

From $120

Includes treatment for spiders, cockroaches & silverfish


We include baiting the ceiling for rodents (if required)