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Quality Pest Control Sunshine Coast

Affordable Pest & Termite Inspections & Treatments

Pest Control Sunshine Coast

Ants, spiders, cockroaches and termites!

Your home is your place to rest, relax and enjoy. You have worked hard to afford your home and keep it the way you like it. So if you need a quality pest control Sunshine Coast company to keep your home bug-free, give us a call.

Sunshine Pest Management  help keep your property safe by utilising state of the art pest control technology and equipment. We are specialists in all areas of pest control and can help you with; termites, ants, mice and other pests.

At Sunshine Pest Management

Quality Pest Control Sunshine Coast

Termite Control Sunshine Coast

Wood grubs and termites are destructive creatures. They love eating all manner of wood throughout your home and yard. A home is only as good as its structure and the nature of the termite is to locate, eat and nest in these structures. Left untreated, termites can compromise the integrity of your home resulting in costly repairs.

It’s extremely important to arrange regular termite treatments or a pre-purchase termite inspection.

Found Termites?!

Do NOT Spray or Disturb!

This will cause the termites to retreat into another area of your home, the ground or your gardens. Termite treatments need active termites to transport the treatment back to the nest in order to be effective. This will result in the eradication of your termite problem from the source.

What Other Pests Do you Control?

We treat all pests including; spiders, cockroaches, fleas, ants, bed bugs and more. At Sunshine Pest Management, we treat your pest problem with your family and pet’s health an safety in mind. No more unwanted pests and safe pets!

Rodents and insects, that visit and nest in our yards and in our homes are avoidable.

Whether it’s termites, ants, mice or anything pesty,
contact Sunshine Pest Management today!