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Pest Management Beerburrum

Stop living in fear of the creepy crawlies in your home. Call the pest extermination experts at Sunshine Pest Management. They design and carry out a full home pest management plan that is second to none. They also have years of experience in identifying and eliminating all types of bugs and vermin. Sunshine Pest management is able to rid your home of cockroaches, spiders, fleas, flies, silverfish, rats, mice and termites. They are the best pest management Beerburrum and the Sunshine Coast has to offer.


The best thing about regular termite inspections is that we can offer advice on how to help prevent termites. Things like re-positioning garden beds, fixing water tank and air-conditioning leaks and identifying areas around the property that could become a termite play-ground.

 \”Be free from bugs, insects and vermin with Sunshine Pest Management Today\”

What is Pest Management?

\"PestAs houses are built on land that was once swampland, or forest or plains, these “pests” are actually the original occupiers of the land. So in order to sustain the pest free environment you want, you need to tackle this problem as if servicing a car. 6 monthly inspections will ultimately yield the outcomes you want.

Pest management isn’t just pest control, pest inspections and extermination. It is the holistic approach to keeping bugs, insects and vermin out of your home long term. Sunshine Pest Management knows that the way to keep vermin and bugs out of your home long term takes a careful plan devised to block the entrances to your home and if they get in, making sure they don’t last.


Contact Sunshine Pest Management for the Best Pest Inspection and Control money can buy.



General Pest Control

From $120

Includes treatment for spiders, cockroaches & silverfish


We include baiting the ceiling for rodents (if required)