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Pest Management Landsborough

When your home is invaded by creepy crawlies and vermin, you need the best pest management Landsborough has to offer. Sunshine Pest Management has you covered. They offer the pest in all things extermination and prevention. They use environmentally-friendly chemicals that bugs, insects and spiders hate. They are great at identifying, exterminating and preventing entry to all types of rodents and vermin across the board.

Are You Living With Creepy Crawlies?

Yes? Then don’t wait before those bugs or rodents become an infestation when from $120 you could have peace of mind knowing Sunshine Pest Management has you protected from creepy crawlies.

Affordable-Quality Pest Control

Within the very competitive Pest Control industry, our aim is to provide Affordable-Quality Pest Control Treatments. We want you to to be more than happy to recommend Sunshine Pest Management to your friends and family.

We are fully licensed and insured PLUS we guarantee our work for your peace of mind for residents on the Sunshine Coast.

What is Pest Management?

\"PestPest management isn’t just pest control, pest inspections and extermination. It is the holistic approach to keeping bugs, insects and vermin out of your home long term. Sunshine Pest Management knows that the way to keep vermin and bugs out of your home long term takes a careful plan devised to block the entrances to your home and if they get in, making sure they don’t last.

As houses are sitting on land that used to be swampland, or forest or plains, these “pests” are actually the original inhabitants of the land your home is on. So in order to sustain the pest free environment you want, you need to tackle this problem as if servicing a car. Regular inspections and control will ultimately yield the outcomes you want.

Contact Sunshine Pest Management for the Best Pest Inspection and Control money can buy.



General Pest Control

From $120

Includes treatment for spiders, cockroaches & silverfish


We include baiting the ceiling for rodents (if required)