Termites are attracted to moisture, where there is a good source of food and enough space to get in and nest.

Here are some things that Sunshine Pest Management thoroughly inspect when determining if you have termites at your property.

  • Concrete slabs that have cracks. Termites only require 0.8mm for entry.
  • Cold joints in concrete slabs around plumbing and electrical conduits or infill slabs.
  • Paths around buildings that can retain moisture which termites love.
  • Weep holes partially covered by soil or other obstruction.
  • Leaking storm water or poor drainage.
  • Gardens around house, bark chip, mulch and paper used to kill grass – all termite food.
  • Extensions provide easy entry for termites if not properly prepared or treated. Even if the rest of your home has had a termite treatment.
  • Untreated timber products (not termite resistant) in contact with the ground.
  • Excessive moisture attracting termites.
  • Stored timbers beside or near building structure.
  • Underneath pavers – termites love not having to build mud tunnels.
  • Ant capping is not a barrier it is for visual purposes only.

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