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Pest & Termite Control Caloundra

Termite Inspections, Treatments & General Pest Control Services

Affordable Pest & Termite Control Caloundra

It’s scary how many home owners and property investors who have never had their property inspected or treated to prevent termites or general pests.

This usually comes down to cost. Some pest control inspections, treatments and termite barriers can be expensive. But we’re different!

At Sunshine Pest Management we believe in offering general pest control and termite control solutions that are super affordable and hassle free.

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Caloundra Termite Control QUOTES!

Sunshine Pest Management Price List

Termite Inspections from $198
Termite Treatments from $990

General Pest Inspections from $180
General Pest Inspection & Treatment from $325
Includes: treatment for spiders, cockroaches & silverfish PLUS ceiling baits for rodents
(if required)

*Conditions Apply

Our Full Range Of Termite & Pest Control Services

Termite Barriers Sunshine Coast

HomeGuard Precision Termite Management System quotes available

Termite Control Advice

As part of our termite inspections, we’ll offer further advice on what you can be doing to further prevent termites.

  • Ensure gardens and plants are not up against your home
  • Move timber piles away from any termite prone structures
  • Uncover weep holes to encourage air flow
  • Fix any water tank/air conditioning unit leaks (termites love cool and damp areas)
Termite treatment costs Maroochydore
Termite Control

Termite Control & Prevention

Regular termite inspections help identify any early termite infestations or any minor damage before it becomes a bigger issue.

We also recommend a correctly installed chemical barrier treatment that’s regularly topped up. This creates a perimeter around your home that further deters termites from entering your home in the first place. 

Per-Purchase Pest & Termite Inspections

If you have a property in mind, make sure to Contact Us for a professional Pre-Purchase Termite and Pest Inspection.

Having provided quality termite control Caloundra for decades, our detailed pre-purchase termite and pest inspections can save you thousands on hidden repair costs and insurance issues.

Sunshine Coast Termite Treatments Elimbah

Is Your Termite Barrier Due?

Here’s 3 Reasons To Get It “Topped Up”


The chemicals responsible for keeping “the bugs at bay” are prone to washing-away during really heavy rain and flood events leaving your home vulnerable to attack.


In areas where there’s a lot of construction going on, there’s earth and vegetation being moved around which can stir up nearby termite nests. Ensure your home is up to date with its termite barriers so your home isn’t considered as viable accommodation.


Recent extensions or new structures built on your property are not automatically covered by existing termite barriers. This includes new timber fences, sheds, patios, that extra room added last Summer or any interior renovations including kitchens and bathrooms.