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Termite Control Caloundra

Need Termite Control Caloundra Region?

Termites are your unwanted new house if your open to them and don’t get regular inspections. So many home owners and property investors never get the home checked for termite nasties or have had termite control Caloundra way.

Sunshine Pest Management doesn’t believe it be expense inspections and extermination to keep your home safe from termites and for that peace of mind! We pick up any termite activity before they damage your property. It will also save you the most money if you get your place regularly to warded for termite soldiers.


If you get a regular termite inspection, you’ll save a lot of money on repairs and maintenance to your house. That’s why we can offer advice on how to help prevent termites. If you reposition things like garden beds, fixing water tank and air-conditioning leaks and identifying areas around the property you’ll be able to identify if you have termites near your home.

Best-Quality & Affordable Termite Control Caloundra

Buying a home?

If you have a property in mind, make sure to Contact Us for a professional Pre-Purchase Termite and Pest Inspection before you sign any legal paperwork. We have the experience in Termite Control Caloundra, our Pre-Purchase Termite and Pest Inspections are the best choice and something that can help you with negotiation in your contract, before you sign on the dotted line. Servicing the Sunshine Coast with amazing Pest Inspections, Sunshine Pest Management has all your pest management problems under control, we travel all over the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane and back to the Sunshine Coast.