Why Invest in a Termite Inspection?

Have you given thought to engaging the services of termite inspection Bellmere, Caboolture, Morayfield or beyond? When it comes to choosing suitable flatmates, tenants, or even guests to stay in your home, it’s a safe bet that termites are NOT on the list of possible candidates. After all, not many people are keen to host ‘guests’ that eat the furniture, cause huge damage to the structure of the house!

Why You Need Termite Inspection Bellmere and Surrounds

Unfortunately, these pesky creatures aren’t polite enough to wait for an invitation to move in, and they frequently descend upon the dwellings of innocent homeowners without any warning at all. When termites are left to their own devices, catastrophe is sure to ensue!

How best to avoid this home invasion? This situation is precisely the reason that Sunshine Pest Management offers termite inspection Bellmere, or wherever you’re located between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

You may be wondering if termite inspection Bellmere is really necessary. Should you bother to call in professionals, or is this simply a home project you could DIY? As experienced termite and pest control specialists, Sunshine Pest Management believes there are a number of strong reasons why there’s a better course of action!

Benefits of Professional Termite Inspection Bellmere

Did you know that by the time you can see visible damage, termites have quite likely been snacking away on your home for some time? Termites often start from the inside out, meaning that they can remain undetected whilst wreaking havoc upon the structural integrity of a building.

Are you familiar with the signs of termite activity or aware of what attracts termites to a particular area? We are. At Sunshine Pest, it’s our business to understand exactly what makes termites tick. Our clients can feel confident that when we conduct a termite inspection Bellmere or elsewhere, we know exactly what we’re looking for.

Dealing with a termite infestation is anything but simple. There are a wide variety of termite species, which can require different types of treatment. Being able to correctly identify your termites means that we can offer you the most cost-effective and efficient solution available. We believe that everybody should receive value for money for their quality termite inspection Bellmere, Brisbane, or wherever you are.

At Sunshine Pest, we think that peace of mind is key to providing our customers with excellent service. That’s why our inspections include additional advice about how you can arrange your property to best prevent termites from sneaking in. For example, the positioning of garden beds, mulch, and scrap heaps, as well as the repair of air conditioning / water tank leaks that create the moist areas termites love so much.

Even with existing treatments (such as termite barriers) in place, these can be disrupted by severe weather events in areas prone to flooding. For this reason, we advise that all homeowners remain vigilant with their properties by engaging termite inspection services on a regular basis.

To arrange your Sunshine Pest termite inspection Bellmere or surrounds, contact us today on 1800 626 841. Our friendly team are available to discuss all of your pest control needs, or alternatively you can see our website to learn more about what we have to offer.

image source:  unsplash-logoMikhail Vasilyev