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Termite Treatments

Quality Termite Treatments & Pest Control Service

At Sunshine Pest Management, our top priority is ensuring we provide cost-effective, stress-free termite treatments and pest control services to our customers. With more than two decades of experience servicing households and commercial businesses across the Sunshine Coast, Caboolture, North Lakes, and all of Brisbane, we aim to be the service that you love recommending to your family and friends.

Our termite treatments are done in stages with the utmost care taken to get the job done quickly and efficiently, whilst respecting your home or commercial space.

Offering affordable termite treatments and pest control solutions that are both efficient and effective has allowed our business to grow predominantly through word of mouth.

Our professional team is very experienced in delivering:

  • Termite inspections
  • Termite treatments and barrier perimeters
  • Baiting and pest control for rodents
  • Treatment of other unwelcome visitors such as spiders and ants

And so much more.

Headache-Free Solutions For Your Home Or Office

Unfortunately, termite infestations can cause damage to your home or office that often require costly repairs and stress to those living or working in the space.

That’s why we recommend getting a yearly termite inspection to ensure you catch any issues before they become too serious. Even if you’ve had termite treatments and barriers set up previously, often wet weather or storms can wash barriers away over time.

Our termite inspections are very thorough and affordable – searching for any sign of termite activity and treating it effectively at the root of the problem. As part of our inspections, we can also give you our professional recommendations on ways in which to prevent termite activity from reoccuring – such as the positioning of gardens and plants, possible areas where termites could nest, and so on.

Starting at just $150 for termite inspections and $990 for termite treatments which include the inspection cost, dusting, and perimeter treatment. Give us a call today to find out more, or to receive a free, no obligation quote. Let’s ensure your home, office or business is a termite free zone!

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Termite Treatments

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Termite Treatments

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Pest & Termite Specialist With 20+ Years Experience

We are your local Pest and Termite Specialists | Free Pest Control Quotes

Found termites just after Christmas and rang Sunshine Pest Control. He came out within the hour and assessed our home. Poisoned the termites we had found and gave us a date/price for a complete termite treatment plan. On time, on budget etc, really nice guys too and in the extreme heat they worked like trojans. They have even booked a date to come back in a month to double-check everything”. ~ Denise [Truelocal]