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Termite Inspection Brisbane North

An Affordable Termite Inspection Brisbane North Solution

Sunshine Pest Management specialises in pest control and eradicating termite problems quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively, making us the perfect termite inspection Brisbane North solution.

We all know what a headache termites and other unpleasant creepy crawlies can cause in your home. If not looked after immediately, serious damage can be caused to your residential or commercial property, costing significant time and money in repairs.

Our termite inspection Brisbane North service focuses on identifying the root of the problem, ensuring the source of infestation is eradicated, and you are advised on how to avoid any problems in future.

Friendly & Reliable Service

We make working with Sunshine Pest Management very easy. Our goal is to provide a friendly and reliable termite inspection Brisbane North service that you feel good about recommending to your family and friends. Backed by years of experience, we have been providing termite inspection Brisbane North services to the surrounding northern suburbs, extending up to the southern end of the Sunshine Coast since 1995.

Our business has grown through word of mouth, due to our reliability and ability to get the job done quickly and effectively.

How Does It Work?

At Sunshine pest management, our termite inspection Brisbane North service aims to treat the issue before it causes serious damage.

Step One: Free Quote – We always begin with a Free, No-Obligation Quote. We aim for these quotes to be accurate and affordable.

Step Two: Inspection – We then proceed to do a fully comprehensive Inspection. We will evaluate and inspect your home, office, or commercial property to ensure we understand the extent of the problem.

Step Three: Treatment – We use a special Termidor dust (not arsenic) to treat nest areas.

Step Four: Follow up – In a week to two weeks time, we conduct a follow up inspection to check if termite activity has been eradicated.

Step Five: Perimeter Barrier – Once eradicated, we then set up a perimeter barrier tailored to your particular property, to ensure the termites (or other pests) do not return. We will also advise you as to anything you can shift in your property to prevent the problem in future.

Best of all, payment is not required until our termite inspection Brisbane North service is completed from start to finish, and you are satisfied with the result.

To book a Complimentary, No-obligation quote with us TODAY, call us at 1800 626 841. We look forward to hearing from you!

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